Company Announcements

28/02/2018 Privanet Group Oyj is applying for listing on Nordic Growth Market AB’s MTF

02/05/2018 Camilla Andersson to start Privanet’s branch office in Norway

15/06/2018 Raimo Vainionpää is appointed vice president of Privanet Capital Markets Ltd

16/08/2018 Privanet warns about the result of the whole year

29/08/2018 Privanet Group Plc’s half-yearly report January-June 2018

31/08/2018 Establishing Privanet Securities Ltd’s branch in Norway is proceeding according to plan – Norwegian supervisory authority has given a communication regarding the beginning of operations

25/09/2018 Privanet Group Oyj – Managers’ Transactions

24/10/2018 Operations of Privanet’s Norwegian branch start

29/10/2018 Actions for damages from investors have been served on Privanet Capital Markets Ltd

30/10/2018 Kimmo Lönnmark appointed acting CEO of Privanet Capital Markets Ltd as of January 1, 2019

11/12/2018 Roy Harju resigns from Privanet Group’s Board of Directors – Timo T. Laitinen elected as Chairman of the Board

07/01/19 Privanet gives a profit warning and launches co-operation negotiations

29/01/19 Privanet’s co-operation negotiations have been finalised

01/02/19 Privanet will publish its financial statement release on 28 February 2019 at 9:00 am.

06/02/19 Privanet Group Oyj becomes listed on the MTF marketplace operated by Nordic Growth Market AB (NGM)

07/02/19 Privanet Group buys Noweco private equity companies and establishes a fund that invests in growth companies

28/02/19 Privanet Group Oyj’s financial statement release 2018 – a difficult year behind
Attachment to Privanet Group Oyj’s financial statement release 2018

28/02/19 Privanet Group’s Noweco fund company purchase has been completed

06/03/19 Privanet Group Oyj’s annual report 2018 has been published

06/03/19 Privanet Group Oyj: Notice to the Annual General Meeting

27/03/19 Resolutions of Privanet Group Oyj’s Annual General Meeting

27/03/19 Organization of Privanet Group Oyj’s Board of Directors

16/04/19 Privanet Group Oyj issues two five-million-euro bonds

Press Releases

23/11/2018 Share issue for the pioneer of vertical farming, Netled Oy, was discontinued because of oversubscription in Privanet’s AROUND service

22/11/2018 Privanet, Nordea, OP, Asiakastieto and Tieto to digitalize trading of non-listed company shares