Our company

Privanet Group is a Finnish investment service group specialized in trading unlisted shares and managing companies’ financing needs. Our group includes the parent Company Privanet Group Plc and its fully owned subsidiary companies Privanet Capital Markets Ltd that focuses on capital market transactions, and Privanet Securities Ltd that operates Finland’s leading marketplace, Premarket, for trading securities of unlisted companies. We provide a large variety of services aimed at bringing together investors and those in need of funding.

We are a pioneer in organizing bond markets and public offerings of small and medium-sized companies and in developing secondary market liquidity. Our nation-wide sales organization serves about 17,000 customers all over Finland. Our customer base and trading volume are expected to continue to grow considerably in the next few years due to strong investments in marketing, technology, and staff size.

We are highly committed in the digitalization of the financial industry. We have introduced our own automatic mobile crowdfunding platform called AROUND. It is aimed at Finnish and international capital markets, and Finnish start-ups can use it to raise funding for their business from Finland and other members of the EU. AROUND will help channel funding for more and more businesses seeking growth and internationalization. In addition, we have launched a crowdfunding service specialising in real estate development and infrastructure projects called Realinvest, with the help of which investors provide loan financing for construction projects, and the developer pays regular interest to them during the loan period and repays the principal in full once the project is complete.

The entire Privanet group employs approximately 30 people. We have branches located in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa, Mikkeli, Ylivieska and Kuopio. We also have a branch office in Norway, where we operate in Oslo and Bergen.


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