Core strengths

The management of Privanet Group Plc considers the following to constitute the core strengths of the Company:

  • A PROFITABLE AND SCALABLE BUSINESS MODEL that efficiently brings together investors seeking for direct investment targets and small and medium-sized companies seeking growth. The business model is based on our low-hierarchy organization and capability for quick decisions, which give us an opportunity to react quickly to changes in the markets.
  • A RECOGNIZED AND SUCCESSFUL MARKETPLACE FOR UNLISTED SECURITIES, which provides investor customers with alternative investments. The marketplace Premarket that the Company operates is an essential part of its core business. Premarket enables liquidity and a secondary market for issued unlisted securities, which distinguishes the Company from its competitors.
  • PIONEERSHIP in digital trading and in operating the marketplace for securities of unlisted Finnish start-ups.
  • OUR NATION-WIDE, EXTENSIVE AND RAPIDLY GROWING SALES ORGANIZATION serves personally, expertly, and individually in investment matters all over Finland.
  • OUR BUSINESS IS CHARACTERIZED BY AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH and we are constantly developing our services and business on our customers’ terms.
  • THERE IS A SOCIETAL NEED FOR THE SERVICES THE COMPANY PROVIDES. Small and medium-sized businesses have an elemental role in creating both economic growth and jobs. Our services increase financing opportunities for businesses, and thereby improve on their part the Finnish national economy and employment by supporting Finnish businesses.