The history of group goes back to the year 2000 when the first company in the current group, Privanet Securities Ltd, was founded to serve start-ups in matters of financing, to intermediate unlisted securities, and to channel direct investments of both institutions and private people into companies. In the early years Privanet Securities Ltd focused in operating a marketplace for unlisted securities and organizing public offerings. Privanet Securities Ltd can reasonably be described as a pioneer in the trading of unlisted securities in Finland both then and now.

The two other companies that belong to the Group, NGH Invest Ltd (now Privanet Group Plc) and Navi Group Ltd (now Privanet Capital Markets Ltd) were founded in February 2011. Right from the start the main purpose of NGH Invest Ltd was to function as the parent and controlling Company of its fully owned subsidiary Navi Group Ltd.

Refocusing business pushed the financial performance of NGH Invest Ltd and Navi Group Ltd into a positive and upward trajectory. At the same time they increased their investment in developing, expanding, and digitalizing the market of unlisted securities. As a part of this new direction Navi Group acquired the majority of shares of Privanet Securities Ltd in two phases during 2015. As a result, the common name Privanet was introduced in all the companies of the Group.