The strategy of Privanet Group Plc is to do profitable and growing investment service business and to further expand the supply of unlisted securities as well as to develop secondary markets as an important actor in Finland.

In addition, in the near future the Company aims to seek growth in the EU area by providing securities and bonds of Finnish unlisted companies for foreign investors to subscribe to and by making trading in secondary markets possible for foreign investors as well.

The Company has invested heavily in the development of information systems and is thereby participating in the digitalization of the industry with notable contributions. One of the aims of the Company is to be the leader of finance technology (FinTech) in the field of investment services. We seek growth primarily by offering investors stock and debt instruments of carefully selected target companies and by investing in considerably expanding the volume of secondary market trading.

Privanet Group Plc aims to implement their strategy with e.g. the following operations:

  • By expanding and growing the distribution organization by increasing the number of both employees and tied agents. Privanet Capital Markets Ltd already has several branches in Finland, and we aim to continue to expand systematically. The goal is to increase the efficiency of auxiliary activities and to increase the amount of staff in different locations.
  • By corporate acquisitions and strategic arrangements aimed at either expanding the entire distribution organization or moving forward in FinTech, regarding both primary and secondary markets in Finland and abroad.
  • By investing in the development of mobile technology and the website for public offerings of shares and bonds. This automatization and digitalization of services is aimed at enabling an increased number of public offerings, improving cost-efficiency.
  • By aiming to increase the volume of trading in the secondary marketplace Premarket and the number of target companies. The Company aims to increase the amount of brokers and to invest in raising awareness about unlisted securities trading.
  • By increasing brand awareness through targeted investments in marketing throughout Finland.