Financing through AROUND service

We are actively searching for Finnish companies in need of financing. In addition, even as much as 700 companies reach out to us annually seeking financing through Privanet. We provide an opportunity for growth funding in the amount of one to five million euros for revenue generating companies without industry limitations. The company must have a good story and be backed up by a strong team. Once these are in order, we listen to a presentation by the company’s management and carry out a financial due diligence.

Based on the information we receive we make a possible investment decision as well as a financing proposal and a valuation model for the Company. This way we are able to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties and launch a share issue lasting from two to four weeks on our crowdfunding service AROUND at

Registering on AROUND is easy, and you can subscribe to shares with only a couple of clicks of the mouse. The service features an introductory video of the target company, investment memorandum, terms of the share issue, and lots of other useful material to base your investment decision on.

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